Yes! Making money blogging may look like a fairytale. Not only are you free to work independently, but you can even blog about whatever you want from anywhere on the globe. While it takes dedication, anyone with the appropriate approach can achieve it.

The first step, of course, is to build a blog. After that, you’ll need to develop your blog’s viewership to make money from it.

Whether you’re starting a blog as a side hustle or trying to make a living from it, here are 8 different ways you can generate money from your website.

1. Affiliate Income

For those who don’t know, if you discover a product or service that you enjoy, you may link to it from your blog and receive a little commission each time someone clicks through and purchases something.

This is a wonderful method to generate money online in the beginning since you don’t need a large number of visitors to your website.

If you have the proper content, a blog article may just take 100 visitors to read it and if one of them clicks and purchases one of the products that you suggest, you’ll earn money.

2. Sell Digital Products

The easiest approach to generate money blogging is to sell digital items. This might be a PDF, plans or instructions, applications, online courses, or even an eBook; the specifics don’t matter. The concept here is that you offer your own goods for sale on your website and persuade people to purchase them by claiming there’s enough value.

3. Sell a Course

The third approach to earning money with a blog is to sell a course. This is self-evident, but if you have a blog on a certain topic and people come to your site and like your material, they’ll see you as an expert.

When they do so, you may almost certainly sell a course to them. The goal is to give useful information in such a way that your audience follows you and respects your recommendations. There will be a portion of your followers who will gladly purchase a course from you if they perceive that you’re giving them valuable advice.

4. Display Ads

Next are display advertisements. Many bloggers have discovered success with display advertising if they have a large number of visitors. For this to work well, it is important that your blog is established and has a lot of traffic (visitors to your site).

It may be one to set up and then wait to see if it generates money after a while. It can be an excellent passive income strategy once it gets started.

5. Become a Freelance Writer

The best method to make money as a blogger is to work as a freelancer.

Consider your blog as a resume. You’re using a blogging platform to create and publish to your site daily, which is fantastic. Hopefully, you’re doing an excellent job, contributing a lot, and demonstrating your knowledge. But this same blog may be utilised as a part of your freelance writing business to generate more money.

When searching for freelance writing opportunities, you should concentrate on blogs in the same or similar niches.

It’s difficult to break into the same niche because you don’t want to write for your competition.

Instead, consider making a shoulder niche.

Let’s assume you love cats and write a blog about them. You could write material for other animals’ websites, for example. You might produce content for a blog about dogs. It’s in the same general niche as what you’re already doing since it pertains to animals, but the animal is different.

6. Create a Membership Community

You may also establish a membership community.

Consider this: suppose your blog has a tiny following of a few hundred people each week. You can give access to a community as well. What you could do in this situation is establish a membership and tell them, “Okay, it’s £££ per month,” to join the membership community, which is usually a forum where people may converse with each other. It may be a Facebook or Discord group or even a Patreon community.

You may not get a lot of cash at first, but if you have 20, 30, or 40 people in that community paying a monthly fee over time, it can add up.

7. Sponsored Posts

After your website has a decent amount of traffic or authority, you’ll discover that people will contact you and pay you to publish material they’ve produced on your site. Or they may offer to pay you to publish a link to their article from one of your blog posts.

The payments can be good, however, search engines such as Google frown upon this. The danger is that search engines will penalize you for this activity and not show your blog in search results.

Google did create a new tag for sponsored material, but most people who contact you don’t want that tag used because it is considered to have less SEO value.

However, if you’re willing to gamble or have a site that isn’t earning money otherwise and don’t mind taking the chance, you may choose to employ this method.

8. Offer a Packaged Service

A packaged service is one in which you offer several services together at a reduced price. Or a recurring service on your blog, stating, “Hey, I can do this particular thing for you every month.”

A few examples are as follows;

  • Monitor a firm’s Instagram or Pinterest account.
  • Market copywriting or content production as a service.
  • Provide a virtual assistant package.

You may use your blog or social media as a portfolio of your work.

After you have made sales focus on fulfilling the package fully, obtaining referrals and building a portfolio of clients. Finally, gather testimonials to share with future customers.